Pryor Publications Whitstable and Walsall

A fascinating collection of mostly facsimile reprints of the 19th and 20th century, that will amuse and inform even the most discerning reader.

American  Home Cook Book
Book of the Kiss
The Natural History of "The Flirt"
The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary give the meaning of the word "flirt" as to play at courtship. Perhaps some will regard it as a more frvolous past-time, though George Elliot put it rather well every man likes to flirt with a pretty girl and every girl likes to be flirted with.
"Don't"-A manual of Mistakes & Improprieties.....OUT OF STOCK
A Manual of Mistakes & Improprieties more or less prevalent in Conduct and Speech.
Hand Shadows
Hand Shadows-second series by Henry Bursill
Vere Foster"s Copy Books
Crossing the Plains-Days of "57
A narrative of early emigrant travel to California by the OX Team Method. "We left the West Bank of the Missouri River on May 17, 1857. Our objuctive point was Sonaoma County, California.