Olive Oil and Goats Milk-100% pure, natural soaps

Olive Oil and Goats Milk-100% pure, natural soaps
WHY OLIVE Oil SOAP! Olive Oil Soap leaves behind a thin layer of olive oil, which holds moisture while allowng your skin to breathe. WHY GOATS MILK! Goats milk adds richness, and a creamier later to bath and body soap, and it's also very moisturizing. It is used universally by people with sensitivities to other types of milk for everything from feeding babies to bathing. Adding the milk lowers the pH which helps to maintain the natural pH mantel of your skin. Goat milk is also a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids. Your skin will look and feel smoother.

Olive Oil and Goats Milk Bar Soap-6oz
Olive Oil-Goats Milk with Sea Sponge-6oz
Olive Oil Moisturing Hand Cream 4oz
Foot Cream-Olive Oil
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