"Eat Your Peas" gift books by Cheryl Karpen-Books of Promise

"Eat Your Peas" gift books by Cheryl Karpen-Books of Promise
Words for the heart. Wisdom for the journey. A promise sets us apart. What a better way to begin and give an affirmation than a promise to be there through life's surprises and savoring's alike. Each book in the Eat Your Peas Collection does just that!

Eat your Peas for the Cure
Words of hope for someone just diagnosed with cancer. Words of encouragement when it seems treatment will last forever. Words of affirmation that celebrate the strength and beauty of this person you care deeply about.
Eat your Peas for Daughters
Between the pages of this tender little book are gifts only you can give. And that's true however your daughter came to grace the life you share.
Eat your Peas for Mothers
Sing her praises. Speak your heart. Remind this amazing woman how much she means to you.
Eat your Peas for Sisters
Sisters. Gotta love'em (Mama said!) Here are all the things she's longed to hear all these years. The sooner, the better.
"Eat your Peas for Teens"
Full of wise and winsome affirmation, this book will touch the heart of any teen lucky enough to receive it. Includes a drop-everything promise to be an ever-ready listener and wholehearted champion.
Eat your Peas for New Moms
Hold on the your heart! There's a new mom to celebrate. And what better gift than a promise(complete with your phone number) to be there when she needs someone to share the wonder and the worries that come with her new little sweet pea? Of course, there's some gentle advice along the way. And above all, a bounty of affirmation just for her.
Eat your Peas for Girlfriends
This enduring little book is filled with friend-worthy affirmations. Isn't it time to tell her how very much she means to you?
"Daughter in Law"
There is no one in your life quite like her. Not yours to begin with but thanks to a love you share, she is now. And always will be. So let her know how much she means to you with words she will never forget.
"Eat your Peas for Someone Special"
Here's the perfect way to tell someone in your life how much she means to you. And if you've already told her before, this the perfect way to tell her again.
"Eat your Peas for Sons"
Between the covers of this tender book are gifts only you can give to the son in your life. Gifts of affirmation. Admiration aplenty. And a promise to hold both happiness and heartache in trust.
Eat your Peas-"Sister-in-Law"
I'm sure glad he married you! If you could have chosen her for a sister you would have. (Then again, maybe you did.) And now that she is in your life, why not tell this amazing woman how very much she means to you? Better yet, make a promise to be there for her as only a sister can.
Eat your Peas "Mother in Law"-OUT OF STOCK
You make my heart glad Filling the pages of this little book are words of love for a mother-in-law. And not just any mother-in-law. Yours!